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At Polar Express, we offer a full range of air conditioning and heating services to address any issue you may be facing. Whether you're currently dealing with your A/C not blowing cold air, you suspect your heater may be malfunctioning, or you'd like to avoid future problems by scheduling a routine maintenance service, we're prepared to help.

Polar Express is the trusted name in air conditioning and heating services

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Air Conditioning

• 10 yr. Part & Compressor warranty.

• 2 yr. Labor warranty

• 2 yr. Maintenance Agreement

• CoolMaxx test-in & test-out report

• 12 Mo. 100% Money Back Guarantee


• 10 yr. equipment replacement if heat exchanger Fails

• 10 yr. parts warranty

• 2 yr. labor warranty

• 100% money back Guarantee for 12 mo.

• Heatmaxx test in and test out


• Our Annual Maintenance Agreement

• Summer Cooling 10 Point Service Check

• Preventative Maintenance Agreement

• Winter Heating 10 Point Service Check

Indoor Air Quality

• Media Filtration System

• Ultra Violet Air Purification

• Humidifier

• Dehumidifier

• Charcoal Filter